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HOIP ASL System Rules and Description

HOIP now has a Radio presence. We now have an Allstarlink hub (donated by N8ACL) that we can use. This system is designed to allow the HOIP group to have a place to play some radio with other members of the HOIP community.

Note that this system is run on N8ACL's Home Lab and is subject to be up and down based on server reboots, upgrades and enhancements or power outages.

Also note that rules are subject to change as use of the system grows. Make sure you review these rules on a regular basis. You need to be familiar with them at all times.

Current Connections

  • Allstarlink: Node 471942 (This is the main hub for all connections)
  • TGIF DMR: TG 4647 (Spells HOIP)
  • Discord: Allstarlink (HOIP) voice channel
  • HOIP: Ext. 15017

Future Enhancements

  • P25
  • YSF

System Dashboard

Rules for use

  • All Amatuer Radio Rules apply for use of Radio Systems. (You must ID, leave space in between transmissions, don't quick key, etc)
  • You may connect your RF Allstar node to the Hub if you like/have an Allstar node.
  • You may also connect your non-RF node to the system
  • Please do not connect Allstar nodes that already have a HOIP extension to the system.
  • Please do not connect to other major systems (HUBnet, PAPA, etc)
  • Do not cross connect this system with any conference bridges.
  • This system can also be used for Nets, however, these need to be cleared with N8ACL to make sure there is not a conflict with scheduling. Preferably HOIP related/sponsored nets, but other nets will be considered.
    • We will not link the system to other existing nets. There are other ways to connect to other nets out there. IE: We will not link the system to nets like the Alaska Morning Net or the East Coast Reflector Nets, etc.
  • I hate to put this out there since we are all adults, however, abuse of the system and disregard for Radio Regulations (in any country) along with not following the rules of the system will result in removal of access to the Discord voice channel as well as blocked access via other means to the node and no reconsideration will be given. Since this is currently being run under my callsign (N8ACL), I will not allow problems to arrise. Consider this your one and only warning.

To use the Discord Channel

  • To be granted access to the Allstarlink Voice Channel, you must have your Server nickname set as CALLSIGN-Name-Extension. This way it will be easy to grant access to properly Licensed Hams in the Server for the admins.
  • To be able to talk in the Discord voice channel, you will need to setup a Push to Talk Keybind. No one will have Voice Activity Enabled (VOX)
  • Text in Voice chat is also enabled. This will allow you to text chat with others in the same voice channel. Note that Text to Speech is turned off in that channel so that nothing would go out over the air, but please, do not try to use Text to Speech.
  • Video can also be used in the same channel, however, please only use this function during nets and please do not use this as a video hangout as any voice transmissions will go out over the radio system.

Questions, Comments, Problems

If you have questions, comments or problems, please reach out to Jeff, N8ACL in one of the following ways:

  • Discord: Ravendos#7364 (Preferred way)
  • Email:

Last Updated: 07/11/2022