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HOIP Service Test Phone Numbers

After configuring your phone, you will no doubt want to test the connection and not have to bother anyone by calling them to see if it works ("Can you hear me now?").

Below is a list of extenstions that you can call for various tests and utilities.

Extension Name Description
3191 DTMF Test Calling this number it will say "DTMF Test" and then beep. Then dial a sequence of numbers and hit #. The system will read the numbers back to you, so you can confirm if you are sending DTMF correctly.
3192 Talking Clock This will give you the date and time of the system
3194 Echo Test This will allow you test your latency between you and the server. In this mode, the system will echo back to you whatever you say as soon as you say it.
3195 Milliwatt This will play a tone back to you till you hang up to test your received audio.
3196 3 Tone Slope This will play 3 tones back to you to you till you hang up to test your received audio.
3197 Switch ID This will play a CW Sequence to you and then hang up.
3198 Extension ID This will read back your extension number you are calling from.

Last Updated: 09/03/2022