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Our Chat Services Guide

Realtime communication is one of the keys off our organization. In addition to the phone service, we have setup a chat network that allows users to communication with use via chat and other means.

Currently, we use the following platforms:

  • Discord
  • Telegram
  • Matrix

Keep in mind that all of these platforms are not setup as independent entities. These are all linked together as a way of extending the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) ethos. In this case it's more of a Choose Your Own Platform kind of thing.

Code of Conduct

For all of our communications, not just chat, we ask that you follow this Code of Conduct. (This can also be found in the #code-of-conduct channel on Discord.)

  1. Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely no harassment, witch hunting, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated.
  2. No spam or self promotion (your YouTube channel videos, advertisements, etc.) without permission from a team member. This includes DMing fellow members. The only exception is sharing links to Other Discord Servers in the other-discord-servers channel. To post a an invite link, please send it to one of the admins for vetting and posting. This is a change from previous allowing anyone to post any server. Only because there are some off color and not safe for family ones out there.
  3. No obscene content. This includes text, images, or links featuring nudity, sex, hard violence, or other graphically disturbing content.
  4. If you see something against the rules or something that makes you feel unsafe, please let the Moderators know ASAP. We want this server to be a welcoming space.
  5. No politics, religion, crude language or dirty jokes.
  6. On Discord, please change your Server Profile name to the format of Callsign-Name-Extension. If you do not have an extension yet, Callsign-Name is fine. This way we know who we are talking to.
  7. This service has the ability to dial by DMR ID. If you would like to use that, please obtain a DMR ID from
  8. Please post topics in appropriate channels.
  9. Moderators/Admins have the discretion to enforce the rules of this server.

Discord Server

Discord is our main/official method of non VOIP phone communication. It is here where you can find support and help when setting up your phone and such. It has most all of our main communications channels in it for finding help.

To join our Discord, use the following link:

After joining, we ask that you do a couple of things:

  • Make sure to read the #code-of-conduct channel
  • Please change your server nickname to be the format of CALLSIGN-Name-EXT. Your actual user name can be anything you want.
    • The nice thing about Discord is you have one over all username, but you can set your server nickname to be anything on any server. It can be different on every server.
    • To change your server nickname:
      • Right click on the Server Icon in the left side server list, the server name at the top, your name in the main message window and your user name in the user list on the right side of the screen.
      • Go to Edit Server Profile
      • Change the field that says Server Nickname
      • If it says you need to pay for Discord Nitro, you are doing it wrong. Server Nicknames are free to set.

Telegram Group

We also have a Telegram Group that users can use if they choose to. This group is bridged into the lobby channel of the Discord server so that everyone in each group can participate in conversations or seek help.

To join the Telegram group, please follow this link:

Matrix Room

We also have a public room on the public instance. You can join our room at or use this link This room is also bridged into our Discord server in the lobby channel.

Last Updated: 07/28/2022