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Finding Help (Getting Support)

If you need help, never fear. We are here.

Where to go

If you need help, here are some steps to take:

  • Look through the Wiki first. Alot of common questions are already answered here.
  • Next, if you don't find an answer in these pages, put in a ticket in the ticket system that you can get to from the main website. This allows us to track issues. This allows us to see what common issues are so that we can either put a fix in place, or generate a wiki article to help others in the future.
  • Once you have a ticket in, someone may reach out for farther information, or to schedule time with you to connect on Discord to get more information or even walk you through your issue.
  • You can ask for help in one of our chat servers. Please look here to see what we support and how they are connected: Chat Services Guide. Keep in mind though you will get alot of answers and it will not be a tracked issue.

The biggest key here is to make sure to put a ticket in so that issues and problems can be tracked easier.

When asking for help

Help us to help you. If you are at the point of reaching out via Discord/Telegram/Matrix or putting in a ticket, there are some things that will be helpful to know:

  • Your Phone Model
  • Are you using your own PBX?
  • Your ISP you are using
  • What steps have you already taken to try to solve the problem (looked through the wiki, rebooted, check configurations, etc)?
  • Do you have any other VOIP phone services on the phone (Ham Radio or otherwise)?

Last Updated: 07/29/2022