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AmateurWire VOIP Network

"AmateurWire is a VOIP Service on the internet for Amateur Radio operators. This service will work with IP phones like Cisco, Yealink, and many more. It will also work with ATA’s (Analog Telephone Adapters) so you can even use your analog cordless phones or any home phone on the service. There’s also the option to use a soft phone application on your PC, MAC or SmartPhone. Applications like Zoiper, Microsip, and Mizudroid work very well with the PBX we are running."

AmateurWire is a VOIP Telephone Network, much the same as the Hams Over IP Network. This network was concieved and is maintained by Roger, KE8LCM.

Hams Over IP has a trunk line connected to the AmateurWire network, which allows users from both networks to call each other.

Questions about the AmateurWire Network can be directed to Roger, KE8LCM on Discord or via email

Calling a AmateurWire Number from Hams Over IP

To call a AmateurWire number from the Hams Over IP network, dial 910followed by the AmateurWire extension of the user you wish to call. The system will automatically direct the call across the AmateurWire Trunk.

  • Try it: dial 910200 (Conference room 200). You should be dropped right into the conference room.

Calling a Hams Over IP Number from AmateurWire

To call a Hams Over IP number from the AmateurWire network, the process is slightly different. Dial 304+HOIP extension of the user you wish to call and then hit dial.

  • Try it: dial 3043192 (Talking Clock). You should hear the current date and time.

AmateurWire Phonebook

Don't know the number of the person you are trying to call on the AmateurWire Network? Look them up in the AmateurWire Phonebook at

Last Updated: 09/03/2022