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Meshphone VOIP Network

"N2MH MeshPhone℠ is a network of PBX's that mostly use AREDN mesh technology for linking. N2MH MeshPhone℠ has two parts:

  • A local PBX supplying sip dialtone to a number of users in the area.
  • A network service that links together a number of other pbx's out on the AREDN Mesh with a common dial plan amongst everyone. This allows anyone on the network to call anyone else on the network by dialing 7 digits. This 7-digit number is called a "MeshPhone Number" and is the same number anywhere on the network."

  • From the Meshphone Website

MeshPhone is a VOIP Telephone Network, much the same as the Hams Over IP Network, but they use the AREDN mesh network to connect their system. They have been around for a long while. There are a lot of users and PBX's on the MeshPhone Network. This network was concieved and is maintained by Mark, N2MH and other volunteers.

Hams Over IP has a trunk line connected to the MeshPhone network, which allows users from both networks to call each other.

Questions about the MeshPhone Network can be directed to Mark, preferably via email or N2MH on Discord. On the mesh, he can be reached at n2mh@n2mh-mailhub.local.mesh. His MeshPhone number is 973-2111.

For more information about AREDN Mesh, go to

Calling a MeshPhone Number from Hams Over IP

To call a MeshPhone number from the Hams Over IP network, dial 78, hit the dial button, wait for a dial tone and then dial the 7 digit MeshPhone number of the user you wish to call. Your caller ID with the correct access code from the MeshPhone side will show on the users phone, allowing them to call you back or hit redial.

  • Try it: dial 78, hit the dial button, wait for a dial tone, and then dial 9995000 (time). You should hear the time from their network (WWV)

Calling a Hams Over IP Number from MeshPhone

To call a Hams Over IP number from the MeshPhone network, dial 74, wait for a dial tone, and then dial the 6 digit Hams Over IP number of the user you wish to call. Like on the MeshPhone side, it should show the access code and caller ID of the person calling, allowing you to call them back if needed.

MeshPhone White Pages

Don't know the number of the person you are trying to call on the MeshPhone Network? Look them up in the MeshPhone White Pages at

Last Updated: 07/11/2022