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Yealink T4X Series of Phones


Find Phone IP

Press the OK button for the status screen


Factory Reset

There are three ways to Factory Reset your phone. 1. Press the OK button, enter the IPv4 address into your web browser. Enter Username and Password (Default is admin and admin). Navigate to the Settings tab, then to Upgrade on the side menu, and press the Reset to Factory button and follow the prompts. 1. Press the Menu button on the screen, arrow to Advanced and press OK. Enter the password using the number pad. (1 press of the 2 key is "a", two presses is "b", etc.) Once into the Advanced menu press 5, then press 1, then confirm the reset. 1. Press and hold the OK button until the Reset to Factory Setting? pop up shows, then select the OK button on the screen and follow the prompts.


Programming For HOIP

  1. Enter the web gui by entering the IPv4 address into your web browser. (See Find Phone IP above for directions)
  2. Navigate to the Account tab. In the Register page choose the account number you want to set up.
  3. Change Line Active to Enabled.
  4. Enter in a name in Label, like HOIP
  5. Enter in a Display name, like HOIP Your Extension Number.
  6. Enter your extension number in Register Name.
  7. Enter your extension number in User Name.
  8. Enter your HOIP password in Password.
  9. Enter your HOIP Server in Server Host and port number. like in Server Host and 5160 in Port.
  10. Make sure Transport is UDP, Server Expires is 3600, Server Retry Counts is 3. No entries in SIP Server 2 and Enable Outbound Proxy Server is Disabled. NAT to Disabled.
  11. Click on Confirm to save the settings.
  12. Click on the Dsskey tab.
  13. On Line Key 1, select Line for Type, Default for Value, Enter your Extension in Label, make the Line match the account number from the Account tab.
  14. Click on Confirm to save the settings.

BLF Set Up

Under the Dsskey tab, select the Line Key area that you want to program, on the desired Line Key select BLF from the dropdown, enter the extension you want to monitor in the Value field, give it the appropriate label in the Label field and select the line number the BLF is associated with (the Line number corresponds directly the Account you set up on the Account tab.)

T46 T46

Tips and Tricks

Verizon Models

If you find a Verizon OneTalk version, you can convert it to work with any other SIP provider by following these directions:

Screen Capture

In the Web GUI, click on the Features tab, then on Remote Control, in the Action URI Allow IP List field enter in the IP address of the device you want to allow to capture the screenshots or the word any to allow all devices to capture. Then go to (where is the IP address of your phone)


Power LED

There are several settings that pertain to the red power LED statuses. I prefer "all off". T46

Notification PopUps

You can enable or disable the popups on the screen. I prefer "no popups".


Written by Charlie, KE8QLV Last updated 11/25/2022