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Wiki Overview

See the Contributing Guide on how to submit content to the wiki.

Objectives of This Wiki

In order to contribute to the wiki, you need to understand what the wiki is and the objective behind the wiki.

What we are trying to do

  • We are trying to create a series of documents describing the system and its functions.
  • A place where people can go to get answers for questions about the system.
  • Create a set of tools and guides for people to be able to operate on the system.
  • A place to reference advanced techniques on interacting with the system.

What we are not trying to do

  • We are not looking to include all steps and references for everything
    • For example, while we provide the ability to connect an Allstar Node to the system, we are not going to include how to setup an Allstar Node from scratch. There are plenty of other guides on the internet on how to do that.
  • We are not trying to be the end all and be all for other VOIP system support.

Ultimately we are trying to provide a place where we can encourage the alternative use of existing technology in Amateur Radio Applications.

Last Updated: 07/29/2022